My name is Lovett
I'm 17, I'm just your average weirdo who happens to be up the street. And my blog is a reflection of me's obviously going to be a hot mess, but if you're into that kind of thing (and I seriously hope you are) then stick around for the weirdness and the hot messness.
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It is possible to fall in love with more than one person, whether it be on separate occasions in a lifetime or actually being in love with more than one person at the same time. Different people have different aspects about themselves that you can love, and one or more people can provide you with something someone else lacks. And it’s hard for people to find that one person that gives them everything they need, what if the person you love more than anything isn’t enough, but at the same time they are enough, but you’re still missing something. And it has nothing to do with them because you love them just the way they are, but it’s you who needs to add something or in this case someone(s). And you trying to explain this to anyone is grossly difficult but you bite the bullet and tell your partner your feelings. And depending on their reaction you’ll know whether or not this person is meant to be with you.

Polygamy isn’t that common because most people settle do to the fear of being alone or moral beliefs. And I’m not justifying cheating or lying, what I’m supporting is honest and healthy relationships between people who love one another.

And this is not to be confused with an open relationship where you can just go off and fuck as many people as you please and come back like nothing happened. That type of relationship is ephemeral,destructive, and dangerous on so many levels. This relationship becomes meaningless and strife filled in no time.

Polygamous relationships work because you are committing to whatever number of people you want to be with, while open relationships are usually based on no strings attached and because of that they fall apart at the seams.

Now me personally, I believe in soulmates. I believe that there is that one person for you; who’s mind, body, and spirit is an extension of your own. But then looking back on what I said previously, what if your soulmate was split into multiple pieces taking on different separate forms. Leaving you to either find all the parts of them like a puzzle that can possibly give you true happiness or just find one part of them and leave it at that and have only a fraction of that happiness.

So overall what I’m trying to say is that love along with life is a thoroughly confusing phenomenon that can only be understood once you understand that you will never completely understand it,so you just have to keep an open mind and accept and deal with what comes your way to the best of your capabilities.